Frequently Asked Questions

• What type of base do I require?

DURAROC Rubber Surfacing can be installed over new or worn concrete, patio stones,

tamped stone and a wide variety of other surfaces.

• Why put DURAROC around my pool deck?

DURAROC Rubber Surfacing around your pool deck will not only hide any cracks or ugly repair marks it will rejuvenate your pool deck to a resort-like-look.

• How long does it take to dry?

DURAROC Rubber will dry in 24-48 hours under normal conditions.

• How is it applied?

DURAROC Rubber is poured in place and hand troweled by highly skilled rubber installers.

• Can I shovel snow off of it?

Yes, you can shovel snow off of our rubber surfacing with a plastic snow shovel. You can also apply salt to icy areas without any harm to the rubber surface. Environmental Safe Salt is recommended.

• Is it easy to clean?

Cleaning DURAROC Rubber is easy! Power washing is the fastest and easiest way. Also available is our DURAROC Rubber Surface Cleaner. Safe for use around landscaped areas. Biodegradable. Available at Rubberscapes Surfacing. 4 Litres for $29.50 each

• How does it stay in place on my surface?

Rubber granules are mixed with polyurethane and hand-troweled onto the based surface which we prime prior to installing.

• What is the warranty?

DURAROC Rubber Surfacing is fully warranted for 2 years on residential and 2 years Commercially.